Weekend’s progress

This weekend was my birthday so I didn’t make a whole lot of progress on Haraka, but I got mail header parsing working (mostly – I have yet to do the character set decoding) and that allowed me to implement a bunch of plugins which look for specific headers.

I really only have two plugins left to implement before I can replace sergeant.org’s inbound SMTP server with this.

The first one is a simple signatures plugin. My current implementation of that in Qpsmtpd doesn’t decode the email so this should be trivial.

The second one presents more work – it’s the URIBL plugin (which checks URLs in emails against databases like SURBL). To do this I need to decode the email (means looking at multipart and MIME encoded emails and doing the right thing), and I need to write a URL extractor, and a HTML parser. All a fair bit of work.


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