What would it take you to switch SMTP servers?

So I currently have 125 people on github following Haraka as a project. That’s amazingly great for such a new project that doesn’t really have what I might call “mass nerd appeal” (such as for example node for the iPhone, which relatively few people will ever use for anything useful, but got massive numbers of followers almost immediately).

However of those 125, I have heard from only 1 person that they intend to use Haraka for a real project. Now there might be 124 sleeper projects out there, who knows. I do remember from my earlier days running open source projects that you needed more than 300 people on a mailing list to make it “active” – which basically means you have a lurker to poster ratio of almost 100:1.

So the question, for those of you out there running SMTP servers in various organisations, is what would it take you to want to switch SMTP servers to something new? What feature is missing? What would you love to be able to show management about how well you did?


3 thoughts on “What would it take you to switch SMTP servers?

  1. documentation!

    ie. how to write plugins, proper use of the api, walkthrough setting it up on a server, all that good stuff.

    mailservers tend to be a pain point. make it easy to learn.

  2. I currently use qpsmtpd for my smtpd needs. For me to consider switching to something else I too would want to see good docs, example configurations, plugins, etc.

    Easy deployment would also be high on the list, ie. yum install haraka.

    Great project, btw.

  3. Alex B. says:

    I’ve immediately made freinds with this (can’t say the same for qpsmtpd) and would love to use it as frontend proxy and replace a bunch of store & forward Postfixen.
    Once loggin is closer to “standard” MTAs and some other minor features are implemented I’d probably make a switch.
    Love it!

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