New installation paradigm

There has been no question asked more often about Haraka from long-term node.js users than: “can we have it available via npm?”

Well I just released v0.5 with a bunch of bug fixes, and thanks an incredible amount to a node.js hacker called Arlo Breault, node now installs via npm.

It also changes how things work a bit. Now, after you install Haraka, you type “haraka -i ” and it creates config and plugin directories in those dirs, and then “haraka -c ” runs Haraka on that path. This makes upgrades a breeze, and makes it much easier to have multiple instances on one server (typical example would be port 587 and port 25 – one for outbound using AUTH, and one for inbound).

Definitely recommending an upgrade, and it’s really worth trying now – it’s been incredibly stable on my system, and very low memory usage. Is it odd to be impressed by your own software?


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