Haraka v0.8.0

With a bunch of help, code and prodding in the right direction from someone at a large company currently testing Haraka (who shall remain nameless until they want to talk about it), I’ve pushed Haraka v0.8.0 to NPM.

Also I don’t know if I announced it here or not, but Haraka now has a mailing list (running in Haraka). Email to get on the list.

Some very useful changes in this release:

– Option to add the mail’s UUID (which is in the log lines) to any 5xx or 4xx error message, allowing much better tracking of rejected mail.
– Added regexp support to rcpt_to.in_host_list plugin and removed the allow_subdomains option (this may break your setup – please be careful when upgrading).
– Allow per-plugin timeouts, and ability to set a plugin to never timeout (though connections still will).
– Logging is now pluggable via hook_log()
– Much improved logging with no more “Getting config” filling your logs constantly, and in LOGPROTOCOL level logging, the data portion is not logged (new log level LOGDATA added for that).
– Added a whitelist config option to rdns.regexp plugin.



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