Haraka v0.9.0

Haraka v0.9.0 is another major milestone in this project’s life. Since 0.8.0 we’ve had dozens of commits from various contributors, all of whom I thank for this release – I barely had to write any code for it!

A full list of changes can be seen on github by looking since the “Bump to 0.8.0” commit.

Here are the highlights:

  • Some small fixes for mail parsing
  • TLS (via STARTTLS) support for inbound mail (see docs/plugins/tls.md)
  • Support for enhanced status codes via the dsn.js module (see docs/CustomReturnCodes.md)
  • Cache backend connections for queue/smtp_proxy plugin to reduce load on backend SMTP servers
  • Added a lookup_rdns.strict plugin for strict reverse DNS checks
  • Added a rcpt_to.blocklist plugin
  • Better handling of SIZE capability allowing per-mail SIZE checks.
  • Support for AUTH LOGIN in auth/flat_file plugin
  • Added a data.rfc5322_header_checks plugin to enforce strict checks on headers

Beyond that there have been a small but important set of bug fixes, none that should affect normal mail delivery, but it is still recommended that everyone upgrades.

You can install via “npm -g install Haraka”. For the source, see the Haraka link in the sidebar.


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