Haraka v1.0

I’m very pleased to announce today the release of Haraka v1.0

Haraka is a scalable event based SMTP server, designed to be extended with plugins to allow you to process your email however you require. It ships with a number of unique plugins to fight spam and malware, and provide you with many ways to deliver email either inbound to your users, or outbound to the wider internet.

v1.0 marks a major milestone in the development. While the core remains stable and there are no major API changes in this release, it was a significant step up from 0.9.0.

Major changes in this release:

  • New clamd plugin for email anti-virus
  • Syslog plugin allowing logs to be sent to syslog
  • Support for JSON and “data” config files
  • Support for the XCLIENT protocol when delivering onward to servers that support it
  • Connection pool for smtp_proxy backend for large scale installations
  • Plugin inheritance – allows plugins to share code by subclassing
  • New quarantine plugin
  • New rdns plugin which allows large amounts of control over hosts with bad/broken reverse-DNS setups
  • TLS everywhere – full support for TLS on outbound, and in smtp forward and proxy plugins
  • Added delivered hook to outbound mailer allowing you to gather stats on outbound mail
  • The usual assortment of bug fixes and performance improvements

Thanks to the contributors (see the Commits page on github) for their contributions – this release is all down to their help.

This release is also faster than 0.9.0 – my previous benchmark showed it capable of receiving 50,000 messages in 12 seconds. This release brings that down to 8.5 seconds, and with node version 0.6 (which is net yet released), even faster still: 7.8 seconds! That’s nearly 30 million emails an hour!

Haraka also has a new web site. Contributions to improve that would be most welcome.

As usual, the main Haraka github page for download and installation instructions is in the sidebar.


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