ANNOUNCE: Haraka v1.2.0

I’m sure most of you will have heard the good news already – Haraka is now live in production at craigslist. Just telnet to their MX servers on port 25 and see our banner!

I’ve just pushed 1.2.0 to NPM. Changes are:
  • Improved logging again
  • Added a reseed_rng plugin necessary for running under cluster on 0.4.x
  • Added an attachment blocking plugin (block by filename or content type)
  • Updated dns plugins to use new dns_list_base base class which provides stats (in redis) and more functionality
  • Removed recursion from clamd and smtp_forward plugins to prevent stack blowing on large mails
  • Mail loops are now prevented by default
  • New daemonize plugin which sends Haraka into the background
  • Advanced new RCPT and MAIL parameter blocking plugins (rcpt_to.access and mail_from.access)
  • Added unit testing code
  • Wrote a tutorial for setting up Haraka as an outbound mail server
  • Added an alias plugin (for rewriting rcpt to addresses)
  • The usual slew of bug fixes and misc small improvements
Haraka v1.2.0 is available on npm, and installed via “npm -g install Haraka”.

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