Announce: Haraka v1.3.1

I have just released Haraka version 1.3.1 to npm.

Changes in this release:

  • Added support to split a transaction into one message per RCPT during SMTP forwarding
  • Handle errors better when upgrading to TLS
  • Support returning list of MXs, a single MX, or hostname:port from hook_get_mx()
  • Added mail’s UUID to outbound logs
  • Fixed implicit A record lookup in outbound
  • Provided a Haraka plugin for SpamAssassin to provide UUID and connecting IP
  • Major improvements and doc updates for SpamAssassin plugin
  • Fetch peer certificate when doing TLS upgrade so we can process it later if required
  • Fixes for early talker detection and ESMTP PIPELINEing code
  • Fix some problems with binary 8bit data being sent to a Haraka server

Upgrading should be painless for most users via “npm install” and restarting your Haraka servers.


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