Haraka v1.4.0

I have just pushed Haraka 1.4.0 to npm and tagged it on github.

Release notes and changes since the previous release are:

  • Added Ubuntu server configuration file for easy stop/start of Haraka
  • Improved Logging at LOGNOTICE level
  • Node v0.8 compatibility, including full cluster module support
  • Initial IPv6 compatibility work
  • Fixes for config file reading when clustered
  • Added support for setting the group as well as the user when dropping privileges
  • Fixes for connection timeout bugs in smtp_client.js
  • Added a process_title plugin which displays connections and performance
    • Includes per-child cluster support
  • Added built in daemonize support
  • Fixes for some oddly encoded emails crashing Haraka
  • Handle case where node doesn’t get an IP address in client.remoteAddress
  • Added HAProxy PROXY protocol support
  • Add TLS cipher information to log output and received header
  • Reject commands containing non-ASCII characters

You can install v1.4.0 or upgrade a current installation via:

npm install -g Haraka

And then restarting your Haraka processes. They should continue working with any previous configuration.


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