Haraka v2.0.0

I’m very pleased to announce the release of Haraka v2.0.0.

This release marks another major milestone in Haraka’s development, bringing further performance improvements by rewriting some of the internals to make use of node.js’ optimized “Stream” system.

Because of this change, we have written a migration guide to help you migrate any existing plugins which may break.

Full list of changes in v2.0.0 (since v1.4.0):

  • Various fixes to SMTP AUTH code, including providing SMTP AUTH to inbound mail forwarders
  • Updates to process_title plugin to show more details
  • Changed transaction.data_lines to a Stream (this will break all code which uses transaction.data_lines currently – see the migration guide)
  • Changed attachments to be a Stream (this will break some code which uses transaction.attachment_hooks – see the migration guide)
  • Capture and log signals sent to Haraka
  • Various performance improvements
  • Fixed a memory leak in connection pool
  • Improvements to TLS compatibility
  • RFC compliance improvements with greeting, EHLO/HELO, QUIT, and dot stuffing
  • Throw exception with set_banner as it is now non-functional. Will be returned in a future version.
  • Small fixes to data.uribl

You can install Haraka after installing node.js via the following command:

sudo npm -g install Haraka

Most installations should be a transparent upgrade providing you have no custom plugins which interact with “data_lines” or “attachment_hooks”.


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