ANN: Haraka v2.1.0

Haraka v2.1 includes a number of API improvements and bug fixes, importantly it fixes issues found when using node v0.10.x

Upgrading from 2.0.x is as simple as “npm install -g Haraka”.

Full list of changes:

  • Fix restart bug which caused outbound queue to be loaded multiple times
  • Allow get_mx hook to also set outbound IP address to bind to, allowing switching of outbound IP address
  • Support for listening on multiple IPs/Ports in smtp.ini (requires the new “listen=” directive)
  • Allow continuation lines in .ini files
  • Fix require() in plugins to work more like people expect (allow require(‘./lib/foo’) in plugins dir for example)
  • Require authentication if port is 587
  • Fix qmail-queue to work on node 0.8+
  • Allow for SMTP AUTH in smtp_forward and smtp_proxy plugins
  • Added message_stream.get_data() method to get the mail as a string

As usual, please report any issues on the Haraka bug tracker at https://github.com/baudehlo/Haraka/issues



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