Why IFTTT doesn’t work for emailing files to Google Drive

When I launched my new service Email It In for sending attachments to Google Drive, a couple of friends pointed out that IFTTT could do the same thing. Intrigued, I signed up for IFTTT to find out how well it worked.

Here’s the problems I found:

  • I signed up with a tagged address (as I do for every web site): helpme+<tag>@gmail.com so I could track more easily any emails sent from IFTTT.
  • The way emailing IFTTT works is you have to send FROM your sign up email address to trigger@ifttt.com.
  • I can’t send emails from anywhere easily using tags in the From address.
  • I can’t give out my ifttt.com email address to family to put files into my Google Drive, because it’s just trigger@ifttt.com.

Furthermore, IFTTT makes absolutely zero guarantees about how it processes those files. Are they written to disk? How is it processed?

IFTTT is a great service, but just doesn’t compare to emailitin.com in this situation.


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