Haraka v2.1.5

I’m very please to announce Haraka version 2.1.5 now available on npm.

Installation and upgrade from previous versions should be as simple as typing:
npm install -g Haraka
This is a very important upgrade for anyone using Haraka for outbound email. I urge anyone using Haraka for outbound to upgrade to this version. This version provides the ability to flush the temp fail queue, major fixes to problems with outbound, distribution of queued files to Haraka children when running under cluster, and details of the contents of the current queue.
Full list of changes:
  • Fixed parsing of broken emails when using transaction.parse_body
  • Addition of a plugin `toobusy` which temp fails mail when the server is too busy (thanks smfreegard)
  • Fixes to smtp_forward when sender disconnects too early and transaction goes away (craigslist)
  • Various fixes to test suite to keep it running (craigslist)
  • Major improvements to Quoted Printable generation speed when using transaction.parse_body and banners (craigslist and myself)
  • Outbound fixes:
    • Do not temp fail a mail twice when we get two errors
    • Distribute queue on restart to multiple children
    • When children die distribute the mails that are unprocessed to a new child
    • Fix loading of extremely large queues (10s of thousands of emails) when restarting
    • Add outbound queue statistics to process_title plugin
    • Added SIGHUP handler to flush temporarily failed emails
I’ve done a large amount of testing with the outbound mail handling code, but obviously I would love to hear larger feedback from the community.
If there are any issues with this release please file a bug at https://github.com/baudehlo/Haraka/issues/
The next release should fix bannering finally, with help from Craigslist which we are very grateful for.

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