Announcing Haraka v2.4.0 – LMTP support

We decided to quickly push out 2.4.0 due to finding a bug in outbound which was discovered while testing the new LMTP support for inbound mail.

LMTP is the last piece in the puzzle of totally replacing your inbound SMTP server with Haraka. Now Postfix/Exim/Qmail are not required for a Haraka installation – just use LMTP to deliver directly to your IMAP server or to `procmail -z`.

Upgrading is as simple as “sudo npm install -g Haraka” and restarting your Haraka server.

Full changes:

  • Trim whitespace when reading “list” type config files (such as config/plugins)
  • Added LMTP via queue/lmtp plugin
  • Fixed bug in outbound when temp failing some of the recipients that would prevent delivery working to those recipients for future delivery attempts
  • Add additional details/parameters to delivered hook for outbound mail
  • Removed the hmail.bounce_extra object as that information now stored with the rcpt_to list
  • Store the RCPT TO rejection reason on the address object

Thanks to Peter Janotta for starting the work on LMTP support. See http://haraka.github.io/manual/plugins/queue/lmtp.html for documentation.


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