Announcing Haraka v2.6.0

With thanks to a ton of hard work from the Haraka development team I’m very proud to announce the release of Haraka v2.6.0.

This release is the culmination of a huge number of patches and changes, so please check your configuration carefully when upgrading.
The following is the full list of changes in this release:
* other bug fixes
* updated a few tests so test suite passes on Windows
* log.syslog: handle failure to load node-syslog
* plugin directory is $ENV definable (@martin1yness)
* logging timestamps were static, fixed by @cloudbuy
* queue/rabbitmq_amqplib, new plugin for RabbitMQ using amqplib (@esevece)
* outbound:
    * plugins can set the outbound IP (during get_mx)
    * only replace line endings if not \r\n
    * bannering fixes
    * added support for per recipient routes
* tls: don’t register hooks upless certs exist
* removed contrib/geolite-mirror-simple.pl (replaced by
  docs update pointing to maxmind-geolite-mirror)
* rcpt.routes: new plugin by @msimerson
* make haproxy IPv6 compatible
* record_envelope_addresses: new plugin by @deburau
* prevent_credential_leaks: new plugin by @smfreegard
* config:
    * configfile: added .yaml support
    * improved config file ‘watch’ logic
    * Allow hyphens in params in config files (@abhas)
    * cached requests include options in cache key name
* asn: updates for node 0.11 compat
* dnsbl: use aysync.each vs forEach (avoid race condition)
* spamassassin: improved config loading and test coverage
* geoip: deprecate geoip-lite in favor of maxmind, IPv6 compatible
* disable SSLv3 (due to POODLE)
* dkim & spf, updates for node 0.11 compatibiilty
* karma: move neighbor scoring from code to karma.ini
    * move excludes list to karma.ini
    * apply awards before adding message header & permit rejection at queue
    * karma.ini: score updates for access & uribl plugins
    * score denials issued by skipped plugins
    * add scores for specific DNSBLs
* add transaction body filters (@chazomaticus)
    * change bannering to use them
* helo.checks: fix timeout bug
    * match_re now validates and pre-compiles all REs
    * Add new proto_mismatch check
* p0f: add register(), load config once, early
* server: improved config handling
* data.headers: add Delivered-To check
* rcpt_to.ldap: new plugin by @abhas
* smtp_client: only load tls_* when cfg.enable_tls
* added plugins/host_list_base
* Platform independent temp dir (thanks @martinvd)
* move deprecated docs into docs/deprecated
* Switch to Phusion baseimage instead of stock Ubuntu (thanks @Synchro)
* dkim_verify: new plugin by @smfreegard
* many new tests
* improved URI parser (for URIBL plugin)
* Allow mixed case STARTTLS command
* Install Node via package manager (Mohd Rozi)
* Fix a couple crit errors (@Illirgway)
* Add noisy/bulk out-of-band rule support to MessaageSniffer plugin
* initial support for rabbitmq plugin (@samuelharden)
* bounce, added non_local_msgid checks and much faster lookups
* vpopmail: fail faster during a CRAM-MD5 auth attempt with an invalid user
* fcrdns: handle a null hostname
* Improve HAProxy support code and documentation
* tls: reworked for efficiency and linear style
* access: test hostname validity before PSL lookup
    * load lists into objects (vs arrays), for much faster runtime access
* host_list: huge performance increase, esp for many hosts
Documentation is up to date on http://haraka.github.com/ where you can read more about the many changes in there.
This release has been tested on Node v0.10 and v0.12 and IO.js. It should work on Node v0.8 but we do not recommend it.
Thanks for your continued support of Haraka.

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