Announcing Haraka 2.6.1

The Haraka development team is proud to announce the release of v2.6.1 of the popular mail server, Haraka.

This release adds some small new features, but is mostly a bug fix release for the 2.6 series. In particular a bug in mail_from.is_resolvable was fixed which can cause Haraka to crash.

Other changes in this release:

  • added sedation timers for config file re-reading
  • Add AUTH support to outbound
  • tests/spf: quiet excessive DEBUG noise
  • allow domains with underscore
  • correct name of domains config file in access
  • Fix SMTP AUTH in smtp_forward/proxy and add docs
  • Fix opts not being passed to HMailItem _bounce function
  • log.syslog will try strong-fork-syslog (for node 0.12 compat)
  • improvements to Plugin docs
  • rename net_utils.is_rfc1918 -> is_private_ip
    • IPv6 compat
    • test coverage
    • add IPv6 unique local fc00::/7
  • pre-populated config/plugins
  • added utils.extend, copies props onto objects

Upgrading for most users should be as simple as running “npm install -g Haraka”, and copying over the files “extra-tlds”, “top-level-tlds”, “three-level-tlds”, “two-level-tlds” and “public-suffix-list”.

Enjoy, and for any issues please use github issues or join us on #haraka on irc.freenode.net


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