Announcing Haraka v2.7.0

After several months of frenzied development work I’m extremely proud to announce Haraka v2.7.0.

This release consists of 455 commits, 232 files changed, and contributions from 15 people. We also added a new core committer to the team: Josef Fröhle – welcome to the team! Josef has contributed significantly to this release and we look forward to his contributions in the future.

One other change – we moved the repository on github from baudehlo/Haraka to haraka/Haraka – please update your links – thought github will issue redirects on any older links.

Full list of changes in this release:

New Features

  • SPF bounce check
  • rspamd plugin (@fatalbanana)
  • watch plugin
  • limit plugin (connection concurrency, errors, unrecognized commands)
  • plugins can now be npm packages (see also #946)
  • built-in HTTP server (Express backed)
  • ESETS AV plugin
  • DCC plugin (incomplete)
  • Add LOGIN support to XCLIENT
  • backscatterer plugin
  • full IPv4 & IPv6 compatibility inbound #1120, #1123, #1154 (@Dexus)
  • Early talker #1075 (@smfreegard, @msimerson)
  • permit loading of plugins in node_modules #1056 (@msimerson)


  • Fix anti_spoof by use config #1171
  • Add license clause #1170
  • package.json dependencies and travis update #1147, #1168 (@Dexus)
  • logging: remove node-syslog and strong-fork-syslog with modern-syslog #1145 (@Dexus)
  • aliases: support for email, user and host aliases #1149 (@Dexus)
  • add docs for use private key with TLS #1130 (@Dexus)
  • outbound: ENOENT on dotfile – compatibility for windows #1129 (@Dexus)
  • plugin/attachment: block more attachment file types #1191 (@Dexus)
  • remove double functions #1126 (@Dexus)
  • Outbound Bounce messages according to RFC3464 #1189 (@hatsebutz)
  • toobusy: only run checks if toobusy.js installed and loads
  • HAProxy: set local_ip, local_port and remote_port
  • save auth pass/fail/user to result_store
  • ini files no longer require values (useful for storing lists)
  • connection: add MAIL and RCPT to results
  • results_store: enable ’emit’ feature for .push()
  • add support for custom Outbound Received header value (@zombified)
  • save smtp_forward result to result_store
  • auth_base: permit a return message (@DarkSorrow)
  • add DSN.create() and RFC 4954 support
  • enhanced pipelining support
  • added config/access.domains with some tips (@EyePulp)
  • Add SSL detection over plain-text socket
  • earlytalker: store results
  • bounce: make it safe to check non_local_msgid
  • AVG: store results, added defer options
  • tls: change createCredentials to tls.createSecureContext (@DarkSorrow)
  • update dependency versions (esp async 0.2.9 -> 1.0.0)
  • ASN docs: add FTP download note for routeviews
  • karma: removed concurrency limits (see limit plugin) and penalty feature
  • added utils.elapsed()
  • deny message includes hostname
  • Add Fisher-Yates shuffle to randomize lookup order in data.uribl
  • change default message size limit to 25mb
  • auth_base: save auth results
  • upgrade toobusy plugin to toobusy-js (@alexkavon)
  • configfile: permit / char in ini keys
  • added utils.node_min()
  • added result_store.get_all()
  • updated ubuntu upstart script
  • plugin/rate_limit: return in no custom default is set 0 = unlimited #1186, #1185
  • Outbound.send_email: added dot-stuffing #1176, #1165 (@hatsebutz)
  • make sure server object is availabe to plugins loaded from node_modules #1162 (@bmonty)
  • Net_utils.get_ips_by_host #1160 (@msimerson)
  • fcrdns: don’t log error for ENODATA #1140 (@msimerson)
  • improve MUA detection #1137 (@msimerson)
  • tls: tmp disable for hosts that fail STARTTLS #1136 (@msimerson)
  • karma: skip deny on outbound hooks #1100 (@msimerson)
  • Store HAProxy IP in connection object #1097 (@smfreegard)
  • Remove UUID from queued message #1092 (@smfreegard)

Bug Fixes

  • fix windows build and test failures #1076 (@msimerson)
  • Fix plugin ordering #1081 (@smfreegard)
  • Fix distance reporting to X-Haraka-GeoIP for geoip-lite #1086 (@smfreegard)
  • uribl: prevent calling next() more than 1x #1138 (@msimerson)
  • Fix so constants are imported when plugin is loaded from node_modules. #1133 (@bmonty)
  • Include STMP-code in bounce-reason string for upstream 5XX responses #1117 (@hatsebutz)
  • TLS fixes: add timed_out flag and karma should not run deny hook on it. #1109 (@smfreegard)
  • Fix port to number instead of string for HAProxy #1108 (@DarkSorrow)
  • Plugin dcc: fixed syntax error #1164 (@hatsebutz)
  • config: fix flat files if \r\n lines #1187 (@Dexus)
  • corrected hook_rcpt log code hook_rcpt_ok returns CONT
  • fix crash bug when loglevel = LOGDEBUG
  • corrected pathname in rcpt.ldap plugin (@abhas)
  • added helo.checks boolean for proto_mismatch
  • make rate_limit redis keys always expire @celesteking
  • dkim_sign: Buffer.concat expects an array of buffers
  • transaction: check discard_data before adding line end (@DarkSorrow)
  • fix 8-bit msg not displayed properly in gmail
  • fcrdns: always init results
  • TLS timer on error
  • dkim_verify: fixed timeout issue
  • smtp_[proxy|forward]: correct authentication example
  • Fork child workers after init_master hook
  • connection: return 450/550 for plugin DENY* (was 452/552)
  • spamassassin: don’t call next() when transaction gone
  • outbound: fix crash when sending bounce mail
  • auth_base: fix bad protocol in auth_base.js #1121 (@Dexus)
  • outbound: Fix HELO/rDNS issue while using multiple outbound ip #1128 (@Dexus)
  • connection: Fix bug when client disconnect after sending data #1193
  • Fix connect.geoip bug #1144 (@smfreegard)
  • Fix tiny bug in messagesniffer #1198 (@smfreegard)

When upgrading, please ensure to copy over the new public suffix lists from the installation directory.


One thought on “Announcing Haraka v2.7.0

  1. Mark says:

    Hey we are trying to integrate mailwizz with haraka and trying to get our bounce server to work. We can’t seem to get it to work. Is it because mailwizz only accepts imap and pop?

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