Announcing Haraka v2.7.1

Update: This is now 2.7.2. We broke something. We’re sorry.

The Haraka core team is very proud to announce Haraka v2.7.1.

This is a bug fix release.

Fixes and other changes are:

  • New Features
    • added debian init.d file (#1255) @slattery
  • Improvements
    • smtp_forward auth settings now work (#430)
    • better handling of broken messages (#1234)
    • Docker: use latest Phusion image && stdout (#1238, #1239)
    • Clean up plugin loading a tiny bit (#1242)
    • make dkim keydir case insensitive (1251)
    • ignore DNS errors that aren’t errors (#1247)
    • outbound doc updates (#1258) @Currerius
    • outbound: return DENYSOFT on queue error (#1264)
    • smtp_client: if enable_tls is set and TLS files missing, warn (#1266)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Don’t sent empty headers to rspamd (#1230)
    • Fix auth_base.js key need to be a string – number.toString() (#1228)
    • fix bug with empty charset= on mime parts <E2><80><A6> (#1225)
    • Fix “passwd” check crash with numeric password. (#1254)
    • result_store: show arrays when not empty (#1261)

Upgrading is a simple matter of running:

    npm install -g Haraka

And then copying the following config files to your haraka runtime directory:


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