Announcing Haraka v2.7.3

The Haraka core team are happy to announce Haraka v2.7.3.

  • Changes
    • smtp_proxy & qmail-queue: default to enabled for outbound deliveries (previously used Outbound), to better matches user expectations.
  • New Features
    • outbound: allow passing notes to send_email (#1295)
  • Improvements
    • logging: emit log message queue before shutting down (#1296)
    • result_store: permit redis pub/sub to work when host != localhost (#1277)
    • tests: quiet the extremely verbose messages (#1282)
    • rspamd: add timeout error handling (#1276)
    • watch: fix display of early_talker results (#1281)
    • spamassassin: publish results to result_store (#1280)
    • karma: can now connect to redis on hosts other than localhost (#1275)
    • geoip & p0f: don’t log empty/null values from RFC 1918 connects (#1267)
    • redis: make plugin params match docs (#1273)
    • mailbody: small refactoring (#1315)
    • smtp_proxy & qmail-queue: default to enabled for outbound (#1308)
  • Bug Fixes
    • redis: use correct path for db.select (#1273)
    • count errors correctly (#1274)
    • logger: ignore null arguments (#1299)
    • connection: pause for hook_reset_transaction (#1303)
    • rcpt_to.routes: update redis usage for compat with redis plugin (#1302)
    • smtp_forward: use correct config path to auth settings (#1327)
    • messagestream: correctly pass options parameter to get_data (#1316)
    • spf: honour configuration for mfrom scope (#1322)
    • outbound: Add missing dash to ‘Final-Recipient’ header name (#1320)

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