Express, Lost Sessions, and Windows

One of the harder bugs I’ve ever had to track down.

Most of our office uses Macs. One developer alone uses Windows. He would regularly see the weirdest issue where he couldn’t log into our app – he’d try time and time again, and maybe on the 4th or 5th try it would work.

He even hacked in some delays via Javascript’s setTimeout() function to try and fix it, knowing it was a weird bug with lost sessions.

After helping him debug a problem on his machine, and seeing him go through this over and over, it was finally time to get down to the meat of this issue. Why were sessions not getting saved for Windows users, but were just fine for Mac users?

Every problem related to a call to res.redirect(). First problem located.

So why would this work fine for Mac and not Windows? It wasn’t even browser specific.

Thankfully I have a large back-story in various networking related activities. Windows and Macs have different networking stacks, and different ways they cut apart packets and so on.

I also knew quite well how Express (the Node.js HTTP server stack we use) saved the session, due to various unrelated deep dives into the code.

Express saves the session by hijacking res.end(). It turns out that when you do a res.redirect(), on Windows it will likely get the headers in a single packet, and the body in another, but perform the redirect before even seeing the body (because it’s empty and irrelevant). But res.end() isn’t called until the HTTP request is completed. This means the Windows boxes can get the redirect, request the redirected URL, and get access to an unsaved session before res.end() has time to completely save the session.

The fix? Now in our code we hijack res.redirect() to perform req.session.save() before performing the actual redirect.

This fix should probably go into express-session. I will work on a pull request.

Code for the curious (put this in some middleware):

 var redirect = res.redirect;
 res.redirect = function (path) {
 res.redirect = redirect;

 if (req.session) {
 req.session.save(function (err) {
 if (err) console.error(err);
 else {

 function _finish () {
 if (/\&utm_/.test(path)) {
 return res.redirect(path);
 if (req.query.utm_campaign && req.query.utm_medium && req.query.utm_source) {
 var extras = qs.stringify({
 utm_campaign: req.query.utm_campaign,
 utm_medium: req.query.utm_medium,
 utm_source: req.query.utm_source,
 if (/\?./.test(path)) {
 path = path + '&' + extras;
 else {
 path = path + '?' + extras;
 return res.redirect(path); 

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