Announce: Haraka v2.8.0

This release represents a huge leap forwards for Haraka users everywhere. We came very close to calling this v3, but since we didn’t break any APIs we stuck with v2.8.

This release contains work from 15 contributors around the world, and we thank them all for their time and effort.

Upgrading is simply a matter of running: npm install -g Haraka. Following an upgrade to 2.8 we recommend deleting any config files in your personal Haraka config folder that you have not modified. The reason for this is that Haraka will now load non-modified config data from the core Haraka folder. This change makes future upgrades much easier.

The major new features in this release are:

  • The ability to write plugins as npm packages
  • The merging of config data to allow minimal config in your local config folder
  • Many TLS fixes including the ability to use outbound TLS without a certificate, meaning we now enable outbound TLS by default

The full list of changes are:

  • Changes
    • updated dependency versions (#1426, #1425)
    • use utf8 encoding for body filters (#1429)
    • remove spameatingmonkey from tests (#1421)
    • replace ./constants.js with haraka-constants (#1353)
    • Document HMail and TODO items (#1343)
    • Copy only a minimal config/* by default (#1341).
    • cfreader/* removed to haraka/haraka-config (#1350)
    • outbound and smtp_client honor tls.ini settings (#1350)
    • outbound TLS defaults to enabled
    • lint: remove all unused variables (#1358)
    • replace ./address.js with address-rfc2181 (#1359)
  • New Features
    • smtp_forward: accepts a list of backend hosts, thanks @kgeoss (#1333)
    • config: add array[] syntax to INI files (#1345)
    • plugins.js: support require(‘./config’) in plugins
    • Load plugin config from own folder and merge (#1335)
    • Allow original email’s Subject to be included in bounce message (#1337)
    • new queue/smtp_bridge plugin, thanks @jesucarr (#1351)
  • Improvements
    • early_talker: supports IP whitelisting (#1423)
    • loading plugins as packages (#1278)
    • removed TLD stuff to haraka/haraka-tld (#1301)
    • removed unused ‘require(‘redis’) in plugins/karma (#1348)
    • improved MIME header support per rfc2231 (#1344)
    • tls options can be defined for outbound and smtp_* (#1357)
    • explicitly disable SSLv2 (#1395)
    • cache STUN results
    • xclient plugin improvements (#1405)
    • tls: Set verify=NO correctly when no certificate presented (#1400)
    • improved message header decoding (#1403, #1406)
    • bounce: skip single_recipient check for relays/private_ips (#1385)
    • rspamd docs: Clarify usage of check.private_ip (#1383)
    • if rcpt_to returns DSN in msg, log it properly (#1375)
  • Bug Fixes
    • fix out-of-range errors from banner insertion (#1334)
    • dkim_verify: Call next only after message_stream ended (#1330)
    • outbound: remove type check from pid match (#1322)
    • lint: enable no-shadown and remove all shadow variables (#1349)
    • spf: fix log_debug syntax (#1416)
    • auto_proxy: fix a starttls loop (#1392)
    • fcrdns: corrected err variable name (#1391)
    • rspamd: Fix undefined variable (#1396)
    • dkim_verify: Fix header handling (#1371)
    • smtp_client: fix remote_ip (#1362)

Happy Haraking!


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