ANNOUNCE: Haraka 2.8.2

Note: We shortly after this released 2.8.3 which fixes config merging, a feature we added in 2.8.0. It didn’t seem to really deserve a blog post.

This is a minor bugfix release, mostly to fix the broken config/plugins file we accidentally shipped with v2.8.0.


  • Added Node v6 to travis tests

New Features

  • Added bin/haraka –qunstick <domain> to flush all mails for that domain (#1460)


  • Make bin/haraka –qlist show much more information (#1452)
  • Allow CIDR ranges in no_tls_hosts (#1450)

Bug Fixes

  • 2.8.0 was shipped with a broken config/plugins. (#1453)
  • Stop haraka dying when ldap connections fail (#1456)
  • Pick up domain specific config correctly in ldap (#1456)

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