ANNOUNCE: Haraka 2.8.10

This release pretty much signifies exactly why I love truly open source software – the release happened almost entirely in my absence, and I’m enormously grateful for the talented developers that work so hard and diligently on this project.

The main focus of this release has been some huge improvements to our TLS support from a contributor only known as “typingArtist” – ah the mysteries of the internet – we may never know your real life identity but we remain grateful – you are Haraka’s “Batman” this release. Many further thanks to Matt Simerson who coordinated this release, and continues to contribute fantastic work to this project. We don’t forget our other contributors, but those two were the stand outs in this release.

  • Changes
    • use standard npm syntax for lint and tests #1646
    • remove ./net_utils to haraka-net-utils #1644
    • remove incorrect and unused spf.hello_host #1635
    • remove rogue DENYSOFT copy-pasta error #1634
    • update async to v2 #1545
    • remove plugin/dir support from base haraka #1668
      • use node_modules_dir support instead
    • use TLSSocket instead of createSecurePair #1672
    • refactor plugins/tls #1670
    • moved watch plugin to npm as haraka-plugin-watch #1657
    • normalize proxy properties #1650
  • New Features
    • added connection.remote.is_private boolean #1648
    • added additional TLS options (@typingArtist) #1651
    • added wildcard boolean support to config loader #1680
    • tls: allow multiple key and cert parameters for RSA+ECDSA #1663
    • permit specifying haraka plugins w/o haraka-plugin- prefix #1645
      • in config/plugins and resultstore
  • Improvements
    • connection.geoip replaced by haraka-plugin-geoip #1645
    • connection.asn replaced by haraka-plugin-asn #1645
    • permit specifying npm packaged plugins w/o haraka-plugin prefix #1647
    • normalized connection properties #1547, #1577
    • Rspamd: fix spambar for negative scores #1630
    • set connection.remote.is_private early
      • replace calls to net_utils with remote.is_private test
  • Bug Fixes
    • Tidy-up graceful shutdown and fix for non-cluster mode #1639
    • Fix data.headers plugin crash #1641
    • Fix access plugin crash #1640
    • Minor DKIM fix #1642
    • do not set TLS timer if timeout=0 #1632
    • do not overwrite config/host_list on install #1637
    • correct smtp_forward cfg for multiple rcpts #1680
    • fix TLS timeout errors #1665

Release Page

Github Home Page for Haraka

Project Home



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