ANNOUNCE: Haraka v2.8.11

I’m a fair bit late on this one – 2.8.11 has been on npm for a while. My apologies to the team for letting a blog post and email slip. There’s been some more fantastic changes in this release related to TLS, specifically adding OCSP stapling. Full change list below.

  • Changes
    • rename core_require to haraka_require #1708
    • move log.syslog to haraka-plugin-syslog #1698
    • remove tls.ini loading and is_no_tls_host to net_utils #1690
    • replace ./utils with npm packaged haraka-utils #1720
    • require node 4
    • karma: add .top TLD scoring #1714
  • New Features
    • Implement OCSP Stapling #1724
  • Improvements
    • show help for npm packaged plugins included in core #1698
    • use tls.connect for client #1682
    • bring port 465 SMTPS TLS config support on par with STARTTLS #1667
    • use tls.connect instead of createSecurePair #1678
    • redis: improve error handling in tests #
    • replace / path seperators with path.* for cross platform compat #1713
  • Bug Fixes
    • dkim_sign: per-domain key finding fixed #1707
    • Rspamd: restore spam report header #1702
    • auth/vpopmail: do not toString() when null #1695
    • fix outbound to avoid recursive reading key/cert after refactoring #1692
    • tls: fix option servername (not hostname) #1728
    • correct Auth-Results cleaning #1726
    • fix results for connection.remote_host and NXDOMAIN #1716

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